Fast Leveling Guide

If you’re looking for a Rift fast leveling guide, Then look no further because you have found it! I’m
about to share with you the ultimate fast leveling guidethere is, period. I believe it’s a secret that you

Fast leveling Guide

Fast Leveling Guide

simply must have :). Within its first month of release, Rift Planes of Telara, now has over 1 million subscribers. I’m sure you will want to be one of the first to level cap (50), so therefore speed becomes important. If you are trying to obtain level 50 in a matter of days, you should check out this leveling guide.

Fast Leveling Guide Info

So what makes this guide so special? The powerleveler secrets provides you with step by step information on the most optimal way to fast track your progress through the rift game.

  • One of the best things I like most about this fast leveling guide is that it shows you which quest to complete in order to gain the most experience in the least amount of time, which has a significant impact on the rift game speed. It has a very simple layout, and it teaches you the most about the game in as little time as possible. Saving you hours trying to decipher the info in the rift mmo guide.
  • There are simple phrases to look for and areas to grind that have easy mobs to slay yielding good experience. The fast leveling guide will give you the best head start right off the bat, saving you hours of time and giving you the best soul trees for leveling.

The guide gives the explanation of how to play the soul trees properly, allowing you to  optimize use and training of your character through out the leveling process. By following the guide you will avoid dying, with insight gaming tactics given by a group of pro gamers with years of experience.

Fast Leveling Guide Summary

By providing which quest gives the best weapons and when they can be obtained, this allows you to kill mobs with little effort, making grinding and questing that much easier and faster. You will need need to continuously empty your bag space out as

bag space is limited though. The guide will show you which items to discard, keep or sell and which items that drop sell the best to vendors and auction house. You will find that you repeat the this process multiple times through out rift. So, this is really handy whithin moments of starting the game. If speed and ease of use is what you’re after then rift powerleveling secrets is a must have.




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